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It was an cloudy rainy day today and when most people think of cloudy and rainy they think its just an little bit,but it wasnt like that at the momment it was thrashing winds and thunder shoook vibrations all around
you had an job for easy cash so you decided to work alittle helping an friend of yourse bring flowers to the cemetary sence it was nice getting new ones,so you were about to finish
the last of them alll when you her an sratching sound comming from
somewhere,you even called but you didnt get an responce so you just shrugged it off at
the momment puting the flowers on the last grave as you started walking up the way to the entrance you blinked and walked backwards to see what you really did see,
there it was an grey hand filled with black claws and bloody knuckles,but the scary part was the skin was dead grey
like most bodies after no more beats,you started to back away but the hand grabbed your foot,
causing you to trip and hit your head agenst an blacked out.....

*time skip from awseome prussia*
As you opened your eyes,you blinked seeing you were not in your room at first you thought it was an dream but as you fully awoke you saw you were in a dark mansion an an woman next to you her skin no longer grey but pearl white her eyes purple her smile seemed friendly but it was something you probly shouldnt trust

(whatcha gonna do???)


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helt used to be an death angel,she used to work for death himself,but when her curitousity came to her,she met many men she fell in love 3 times,the last love she got pregnant and had twins her seconed love gave her,her son alex an fire angel like his father,then twins where more human than angel but still posses supernatural powers,though because she was young and wanted more kids before the twins were born she made an deal with an vodo man he gave her the courage as she gave him her soul,so certain last boyfriend ended up having an taboo with his son,and his son was an year older than her,the son pushed helt away hurting her and hurting her love life with his father,her heart broke...and so did her lifes hour glass...

But helt had an twin brother heft,he made an deal with the vodo man to switch theyre lives and 10 days after she was filed for dead,she came back to life with the only urge to be with her children,and family...if heft was still around.....
:iconcrazy-is-nothing:-my poor youngest...
:iconred-is-leadership:-my most prized children
mother is here do not worry i will....Never leave my darlings ever again...

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